2016 International Conference on Energy Environmental Surveillance and Management(2016 ICEESM)

September 24-25, 2016 :: Xian, China

“Face the Challenge of Ecological System with Energy Development”
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  —— September 24-25, 2016

The development and environmental protection of oil, gas and coal during their application

  • Environment monitoring and management during the process of oil and gas field development;
  • Environment monitoring and management in the transportations of oil, gas and water through piplelines;
  • Groundwater resources protection technology in the process of the oil, gas, CBM and coal mining;
  • Security management technology in the process of the oil, gas, hydroelectric power, CBM and coal mining;
  • Oil and gas emission control technology, greenhouse gas emission reduction and global climate;
  • Oily sludge treatment technology in oil, gas and CBM production process;
  • Water environment improvement and ecological restoration in oilfield and coalfield;
  • Oilfield and coalfield chemistry and transformation rules of  radioactive toxic and persistent contaminants
  • Water treatment technology and its specifications in the process of oil, gas and CBM development;
  • HSE management system and its technical specifications in oil, gas and CBM development;
  • Environmental monitoring and protection technology in offshore oilfield development;
  • Environmental monitoring and protection technology in CBM and coal development;
  • Environmental monitoring and protection technology in the process of coal chemical industry production;

The application of monitoring, information and technology equipment in the environmental protection

  • Sampling of gas and water pollutant, special monitoring equipment and its new technology ect;
  • Standard materials used in monitoring analysis, chemical reagents, glassware, and and its new technology ect;
  • Industrial control system and information security analysis equipment for energy sources production enterprise;
  • Instruments and equipment for safety and environmental information processing and transmission and other special detection
  • Measurement instruments for radiation, noise, vibration, light and thermal analyzer as well as continuous automatic monitoring system;
  • Migration and transformation rules of multi-media,multi-interface pollutants;
  • Economic evaluation for environmental protection of undergroundwater resources and its supervision mode;
  • Water, gas and soil regional environmental pollution control and its planning management, "13th Five-Year" national environmental protection planning

The Management technology in the water conservancy, electric power and environmental protection

  • Environmental monitoring and management in water conservancy and electric energy produce process;
  • Atmospheric heavy metal online monitoring and new technology for source apportionment;
  • Environmental monitoring quality control problems and Solutions
  • New technology of gas, water and soil pollution control;
  • Restoration technology of gas, water and soil ecosystem;

The important role of laws and regulations in the development and production of oil and gas and its environmental protection

  • Technical requirements for monitoring during drilling and well completion
  • Technical management in the audit process of producing well, reinjection well and observation well
  • Regulatory requirements of technical operation in idle well and  abandoned well
  • Establishment of laws and regulations and supervision in oil and gas conservation and environmental protection
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