2016 International Conference on Energy Environmental Surveillance and Management(2016 ICEESM)

September 24-25, 2016 :: Xian, China

“Face the Challenge of Ecological System with Energy Development”
About Xi'an



• Introduction of Xi'an

• Climate

• Suggested Dress

• Electricity

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  Introduction of Xi'an  
Xi’an is the capital of Shaanxi province; Located in the southern part of the Guanzhong Plain. As an eternal city, Xi’an records the changes of Chinese nation, which is just like a living history book. Called Chang’an in ancient times, Xi’an is one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization in the Yellow River Basin area. During the development of Xi’an, there are 13 dynasties such as Western Zhou, Qin Dynasty, Western Han and Tang Dynasty place their capitals here. As one of the four major ancient civilization capitals, Xi’an enjoys equal fame with Athens, Cairo, and Rome.

Xi’an’s cultural & historical significance, abundant relics and sites win the title – “Natural History Museum”. The Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses is praised as “the eighth major miracle of the world”, Mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shihuang is listed as the World Heritage List, and the City Wall of Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) is the largest and most intact castle in the world. The Bell Tower is the geographical center of Xi’an. You can get a wonderful view from the top of the tower. And also, Xian is famous for its quantity of colleges throughout China.

Praised as “the capital of table delicacies”, Xi’an is rich in delicious Shaanxi snack, delicate Guangdong Cuisine, all kinds of fashionable foreign delicacies, and popular Sichuan Cuisine such as hot pot. Among all the delicacies, the most famous and popular food is in the Muslim Snack Street. You can take special flavors there.

The nightlife in Xi’an has a unique glamour. You can enjoy the night scenery around the Bell Tower, take part in a Tang Dynasty Dinner Show, stroll on the ancient Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square and watch the music fountain performance. Besides, there’re some modern & popular activities as well, such as singing in a KTV, hanging out in a bar & dancing in a Disco. To sum up, I firmly believe that any experience in this ancient city will bring you a big surprise & marvelous experience! Do not hesitate, please come & join us.
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  —— August 11-13, 2016


  The climate in Xi’an is semi-moist monsoon climate. September is the best month for travelers, because it is neither too hot nor too cold. The average temperature is about 20°C.  
Suggested Dress


  Lightweight summer clothing is ideal, with a coat, sweater, suit or jacket for air-conditioned premises.  



The standard electricity supply is 220 volts. American appliances may need a transformer.



  Mandarin is the official language and English is widely used nowadays in China.


  In any emergencies, please call 110.
  Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses     City Wall of the Ming Dynasty  
  Bell Tower     Big Wild Goose Pagoda  
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